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eggs and soldiers

The best bread for soldiers

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Along with the delivery drivers Steve.L  gets into work for 5.00am ready to load the vans, so no one in his household ever see him until he gets home in the evening; every morning apart from a Wednesday. On a Wednesday he gets up slightly later (6.00am yawn!) and makes eggs & soldiers, for himself and his daughter and they eat breakfast together. It’s now become a tradition!


eggs and soliders breakfast



Steve has become chief boiled egg cook. Here’s what he does step by step to make the perfect boiled egg and soldiers…

He keeps his eggs at room temperature so maybe add a minute to the cooking time if you keep your eggs in the fridge.

So, this is what he does step by step…

  1. Fill up you kettle with water and boil.
  2. Put your bread in the toaster and begin to toast.
  3. Place how ever many eggs you want in the saucepan, after the kettle has boiled poor the water over the eggs and place on hob or gas hob. Your water should start to simmer/boil straight away. You can also use this boiled water to make a cup of tea or coffee.
  4. Set your phone timer for three and half minutes.
  5. Once your toast pops up, butter it and spread marmite over thinly. (Optional but highly recommended if you want to take your soldiers to the next level!)
  6. Cut out soldiers – you should get five.
  7. Finish making tea or coffee.
  8. Your timer will probably go off at this point so turn the heat off and set the table whilst your egg just sits in the hot water for a few more seconds.
  9. Remove egg and place in egg cup, give him a couple of knocks at the top to break the shell then slice him open. It’s always satisfying to see a perfect, runny golden yolk inside.
  10. Enjoy!


eggs and soliders breakfast-3



We were trying to think about why we all love this breakfast so much and I’ve worked out it’s for a few reasons;

  • It feels like a treat to have something cooked for breakfast in the middle of the week.
  • It’s actually a fun breakfast – dipping toast fingers into an egg! Yes please!
  • It’s not a grab and go breakfast so they get to spend some together in the morning.





We have found the perfect bread to make strong, sturdy soldiers. It’s our White thick cut loaf – 14+2. It’s a square loaf with a thicker cut, ideal for toasting.



eggs and soliders breakfast-4

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